Shake Up Your Own Cocktails with Martell NFC Cognac!

The Martell NFC Cognac Cocktail Event is coming up!

Martell, the oldest of the great cognac houses, forged by passion and knowledge passed through the Martell family since 1715 - creating cognacs that have been enjoyed and cherished for three centuries, is here to serve up a lovely evening of cocktails for cognac lovers.

Their latest addition, NCF (for ‘Non-Chill Filtered’) is a move away from their ‘classic’ method of distillation: NCF is filtered at room temperature – and not below 0° like most cognacs. Through this method, the Martell NCF’s smooth taste is exceptionally preserved, bringing in more expressive aromas & making it perfect to be enjoyed on ice – or in cocktails.

Join Martell for a fun afternoon with 2 French gentlemen – Pierre Boyer, Martell Brand Ambassador & David, Wine Talk Malaysia's Sommelier to learn how to create some yummy Martell MCF cocktails, and you will even be able to shake off you own cocktails!

Pierre Boyer, Martell Brand Ambassador

With limited tickets left, secure your ticket now and anticipate a fun-filled event of shaking up your own cocktails led by Martell's brand ambassador & mixologist, Pierre Boyer. You'll get a hands-on experience and get to be your own bartender, excited?  
Date: 6th June 2018
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Place: La Bodega Lounge, Jalan Telawi
Ticket: RM88 (normal price: RM176) 

Ticket includes: 
- 3 x Cognac Cocktails
- 3 x Cocktail making lessons with professional mixologist
- Tapas spread by La Bodega 

Get your tickets here before they run out > Martell NFC Cognac event ticket

Pop that Carlsberg Smooth Draught anytime anywhere


Don’t you find it such a pain when you go somewhere and you’re about to open an ice cold bottle of a drink but realize that you don’t have a bottle opener with you? Or when you finally had time to sit on the couch, about to drink and chill but you have to get up and get an opener? And then you can’t find your bottle opener in the kitchen, in that messy drawer or anywhere at home? How many times have you had any of these moments?

Count no more. Carlsberg just launched something new, cool and “popping” to solve this pain and quench our thirst. Now, you can pop a bottle anytime, anywhere. With a fun, easy-to-open, ring pull POP cap, the new Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottle makes your experience hassle-free!

“Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World” - unveiled an easy-to-open bottle while eliciting a fun vibe with its one-of-a-kind innovation. Replacing the pry-off cap, the 580ml and 325ml bottles now come in an innovative ring-pull “POP Cap”, revolutionising the draught beer drinking experience further. Now, one can “POP” a draught beer anywhere, an experience that’s hassle-free without a bottle opener while having FUN!

Simply lifting the ring and pulling in a swift motion results in a “POP” sound from the bottle, you can enjoy the smoothness of a Carlsberg Smooth Draught anytime, anywhere.

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Lars Lehmann unveiled Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s latest innovation - the Carlsberg Smooth Draught “POP” cap, where beer lovers can now POP A Draught Anywhere with a fun and hassle-free experience!

The board of directors and management of Carlsberg Malaysia introducing Carlsberg Smooth Draught with “POP” cap, where beer lovers can enjoy Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World with just a lift of a finger.

Carlsberg unveiled the innovative “POP Cap” at Jenerator, KL Citywalk, attended by over 400 guests. Led by Managing Director Lars Lehmann, the Board of Directors and leadership team of Carlsberg Malaysia, the launch gambit celebration involved the popping of the new Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles with the “POP cap” concurrently with the aim of reaching a collective “POP” sound of over 120 decibels to achieve a record “POP” sound.

Guests were immersed in a party vibe surrounded by the sound of popping caps, each trying to outdo the other with the loudest “POP” sound from the Carlsberg Smooth Draught pint and quart bottles. The simple motion of lifting the “POP cap” and hitting the “POP” sound to max awed guests and made their draught beer drinking experience smoother and more fun.

“Carlsberg Smooth Draught has been an enormous success since its launch with record sales growth and encouraging brand equity. Beer drinkers love the smooth sensation available in a bottle or can, allowing them to enjoy draught beer anytime, anywhere. Building on its increased popularity, we believed this innovative “POP cap” that made Carlsberg Smooth Draught easier and more fun to consume will revolutionise the draught beer drinking experience that – “Now You Can POP A Draught Anywhere!”, Lehmann said in his welcome note.

“The “POP cap” is probably the biggest innovation yet for the Carlsberg brand as Malaysia is the first amongst 140 Carlsberg markets globally to adopt this technology. Be proud, Malaysia! This innovative “POP cap” is the solution to the hassle with traditional pry-off caps that require a bottle opener or twist-off crowns which may result in fingers getting cut. With the “POP cap”, you can now enjoy the smoothness of draught beer in a bottle with ease and fun at your comfort and convenience.”

Guests were first greeted by an edutainment interactive wall displaying the evolution of draught beer and beer bottle caps; then tested on their skills to uncap a Carlsberg Smooth Draught using only tools except a bottle opener, followed subsequently by the unveiling of the “POP cap” bottle.

Lehmann thrilled guests with his special flying drum performance, while elevated in mid-air.

The other highlight of the event was the captivating performance by Lehmann who thrilled guests with his special flying drum performance, while elevated in mid-air, choreographed to a visual and acoustic synchronism of music and dance rhythm amplifying the “POP” innovation through sound and sight.

Leveraging on the “POP” sound as a mnemonic, the brand challenged beer drinkers to make the loudest “POP” sound when popping a Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottle for more fun or when competing with their drinking buddies. Everyone can download a sound meter app on their smart phones to measure the loudness of the “POP” sound in decibels. Or the POP sound combined with our “yum seng!”, yes?

You can try the Sound Meter app to measure the POP sound

The smoothness, combined with the “POP” sensation of Carlsberg Smooth Draught is probably the biggest innovation of the brand in its quest to revolutionise the draught beer drinking experience and ritual, delivering on its brand promise of, “Now You Can POP A Draught Anywhere!”

Building on the increased popularity of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, this innovative “POP cap” has made Carlsberg Smooth Draught easier and more fun to consume delivering the brand promise of – “Now You Can POP A Draught Anywhere!”

This is just perfect timing for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in June! Stock up on your fun, poppin’ Carlsberg Smooth Draught and get ready to pop some good times with friends and family! #PopADraught today!

Find out more about Carlsberg Smooth Draught – Probably The Smoothest Beer In The World at or

Carlsberg, with strong association with football, has been a tournament sponsor of the UEFA EUROs since 1988, is the official partner of Liverpool FC for the last 25 years and has partnerships with five major national teams including England.


You can get your Carlsberg Smooth Draught POP delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes by ordering online from Wine Talk! Get it fast, get it hassle-free. Wine Talk’s 60-minute delivery is available everyday, rain or shine, just place your order between 10am to 7pm.

Somersby Cider’s Giant Apples Unveil #MagicMoments

Do you like Somersby cider? Then we can be friends!


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them...wait, wait, wait a minute. Those apples are too big for Snow White to bite! And these are much better than Snow White's red apple; these ones serve Somersby Cider!


The secret of the two larger-than-life apples with countdown timers at the main entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and at LG2 of Sunway Pyramid (near Ice Rink) finally unveiled and it transformed into a booth last week! Somersby, the best-selling cider in Malaysia once again surprised the cider lovers by giving away 4,000 bottles at these two locations in conjunction with the launch of #MagicMoments campaign.

What brightens up your day? We are all searching for things that make us happy and yet simple little pleasures that bring us the greatest joy can be easily overlooked. The new Somersby #MagicMoments campaign is to inspire customers to take a break and enjoy life’s little pleasures with the refreshing and fruity taste of Somersby Cider made from sun- ripened apples. 


People at Pavilion KL were caught by surprise when picnic goers sitting on a picnic mat with friends, apple pickers plucking apples from the tree while some were reading newspaper – as if in a garden which swiftly assembled to perform a flash mob. This led to the launch of #MagicMoments campaign. 

“Life is hectic, especially living in the city. No one would have thought of getting a free Somersby Cider on a Thursday while heading out for lunch. This is one of those little pleasures in life. We are happy that we put a smile on our consumers’ face and this is simply magical. We believe Somersby is like one’s life’s little pleasure and you can live your #MagicMoments with Somersby too!” said Charles Wong, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. 

See how happy these friends are!




Besides the free Somersby giveaway, consumers at both locations were engaged with the 3D backdrop and the brand’s newly introduced Augmented Reality (aka A.R.) app called Somersby Malaysia. When consumer scans the QR code and download the app, they can post creative photos on their Instagram and Facebook by hashtagging #SomersbyMY and #MagicMoments and something magical awaits. Do check it out to find out more. On site consumers were excited and impressed with the application’s 3D animation and A.R.


That’s not all! Love Somersby? You can also win a 3D2N all-expense paid trip to Singapore from 6 August to 30 September using the A.R. app as well. It's simple, fun and easy. Purchase any 4-can or 4-bottle pack of Somersby Cider, take a creative 3D animated photo with the app and post it on Instagram using the app. The most ‘LIKES’ wins. Somersby is giving away weekly prizes so stay tuned to Somersby's Facebook Page and capture more #MagicMoments with your Somersby bottles or cans!

What’s Brewing at Carlsberg’s Probably the Best Brewery Tour

VIP brewery tour ex-beer-ience in Shah Alam!

What a wonderful experience it would be to be one of the winners to enjoy a VIP tour at Carlsberg Brewery in Shah Alam or, better yet, at Copenhagen in Denmark! 

Carlsberg hosted a VIP brewery tour ex-beer-ience giving members of the media a sneak preview of Probably the Best Brewery Tour in advance of its first batch of contest winners. While touring Probably the Best Brew House and experiencing Probably the Best Lounge in its brewery in Shah Alam, Carlsberg also unveiled the first grand-prize and first-prize winners of Probably the Best Brewery Tour consumer promotion held in conjunction with its 170th global birthday celebration. 

“The 170th anniversary of Carlsberg is a chance for us to pay tribute to the beer that is ‘always sharing’. It is all about the science that comes from beer knowledge and the art that brews high quality beers from natural ingredients. Through Probably the Best Brewery Tour campaign, we celebrate Probably the Best Beer in the World, Carlsberg,” Lars Lehmann, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia shared. 

“We will reward 20 consumers to explore Carlsberg’s 170 years of beer discoveries in its homeland in Copenhagen and another 1,800 consumers to see, touch, smell and taste the quality natural ingredients of our brews through a VIP brewery tour ex-beer-ience in Shah Alam,” Lehmann added. 

From the moment they set foot at Probably the Best Lounge, they were greeted by beautiful brand ambassadors serving buffet of welcome brews that consists of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Somersby Apple Cider, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc and premium Connor’s Stout Porter. Upon learning more about the Carlsberg Malaysia’s brewery and brands through an insightful and interesting presentation by Marketing Director Charles Wong, they were chauffeured in a luxury MPV to Carlsberg’s gallery at the production plant. The ex-beer-ience also covered a guided sensory experience at Probably the Best Brew House where Supply Chain Director Piotr Zajac shared the art of brewing a quality Carlsberg beer from natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water. 

The 170 years beer discoveries and innovation 
Carlsberg has changed the way the world brewed modern lagers. All this because of J.C. Jacobsen’s obsession to brew the best beer in the world and share all his knowledge (and ways to stabilise Carlsberg’s special yeast called ‘Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis’). 

“This is an opportunity to make a toast to the beer that made ground breaking discoveries in the beer landscape. For instance, the Carlsberg Smooth Draught, which is brewed longer for its signature smoothness with an easy finish. It is our latest product innovation specially crafted for consumers to enjoy the smooth sensation of a freshly tapped beer in a bottle or can. We are immensely proud that Carlsberg Smooth Draught is crafted here in Malaysia."

Sensory experience to see, touch, smell and taste beer 
The media entourage had the chance to see, touch, smell and taste beer at Probably the Best Brew House – a normally restricted area. At the sensory experience room, members of the press were briefed on the aroma of hops, the taste profile of yeast and the look of beer liquid with and without purification. 

“Nowadays, there are more discerning beer drinkers who care about what makes of a lager or stout,” said Piotr Zajac, Master Brewer cum Supply Chain Director of Carlsberg Malaysia. "They want to know what are the ingredients used and how it is made." 

While many knows that wine comes from grapes, "very few actually know that Carlsberg beer comes from natural quality ingredients – namely malt/barley, hops, yeast and water" said Zajac. “Inviting consumers into our brew house to learn more about the natural quality ingredients and the art of brewing, bottling and packaging is an excellent way to showcase our brews." 

Partying the night away at Probably the Best Lounge 
Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without fun-filled games and beer-tertainment. Members of media enjoyed the newly upgraded Probably the Best Lounge, learning more about Carlsberg beer from the Carlsberg heritage and art of making beer wall murals, playing the electronic dart machine iDarts and electronic beer-table tennis iPong as well as belting out their favorite numbers on the Karaoke machine too. 

They also indulged in beer-infused gourmet spread that consists of sautéed penne pasta with trio mushroom and K1664 Blanc cream sauce, roasted chicken wings with Carlsberg pineapple BBQ sauce, Connor’s goulash lamb stew and more. Some took up the challenge and participate in beer-related quizzes while some learned how to pour themselves a perfect pint, enjoyed a night long of probably the best ex-beer-ience. 

When Carlsberg does a VIP brewery tour, it is #ProbablyTheBest! 

Time to grab a bottle (or carton) of Carlsberg beer!

For more information about Carlsberg’s Probably the Best Brewery Tour campaign, please visit 

Wine Talk launches the mobile app you need

Find wines, beer, ciders, whiskeys and more with simple snap of labels.


Did you ever enjoy a fantastic wine one evening and forget what it was the next day? Did you like a bottle so much but then couldn’t find it in the shops? Have you had many varieties of wine but still couldn’t tell what type you like the most? Are you looking for information about a wine label before deciding to buy? Would you like to know more about what wines your friends like to drink?

If you drink wine, these are just some of the many questions or experiences you might have encountered. I’m not a certified wine or alcohol expert but I can relate to all of these. On many instances, I’ve come across a really great bottle of wine but have a hard time looking for it in the shops. And, yes, there are times when I can’t remember the label I’ve had. I can’t even read those French labels!


For many wine beginners, identifying what you like to drink from thousands of wine types, from Sauvignon Blanc to Grenache to Merlot, can be daunting. White wine alone has thousands of types, how can you possibly tell what you like, even after trying 10, 20, 30 or more?

Food just tastes even better when enjoyed together with wine. Wouldn't it be great if we can remember the wine we've had?


For those who have been drinking wine for longer and have better understanding of what they like, a challenge is still organising the wines you like and shopping for them. Where to find that life-changing bottle of Chardonnay or that mesmerising bottle of Chianti? 

I’ve heard so many challenges from wine lovers I’ve met in the past 4 years. But here’s great news. 

Wine Talk, known for its online shopping site now has a free mobile app that solves all or most of your wine problems. You won’t forget the wines you like anymore. You can now find and shop for wines then get them delivered to your home, office or event venue. You can now build and identify your taste profile. You can now simply snap a label and see information. You now have 1 solution to have a more enjoyable lifestyle with wine using Wine Talk’s mobile app. 

What makes this app even better is the social feature. Think of it like the Facebook of Wine. Here you can review a bottle that you had or like and share it among a community of people who enjoy wine. Of course, you can do this in Facebook, too, but the difference here is you’re speaking to a community with similar interest. You’ll even discover some interesting wines to try based on what other people reviewed and rated! This is very helpful in wine discovery!


What the Wine Talk mobile app does:
  1. Scan labels of wines, beers, ciders, whiskeys, vodka and more to see more information
  2. Build your personal virtual cellar where you keep info of your favourites
  3. Discover your personal taste profile
  4. Review products
  5. Share your reviews in the app’s social feature 
  6. Connect with other wine lovers 
  7. Shop (by the way, they’re having a deal worth RM35 OFF on first purchase of RM150 using the app, use code WTAPP)
But enough said. The best way to understand is to experience the app. You can download the app for free from the Play Store (for Android users) and the App Store (for iOS users). Click here to download the app: or scan the QR code with your mobile QR scanner app. 

Here’s a short video for you to see some of the features. Time to scan, build my profile, share and shop for my favorite wines and cider!


The Wine Talk app was created with the aim of allowing users to always remember a good bottle. Its development is aimed towards building a community of wine enthusiasts who can chat and share wines while keeping track of their personal favourites with various features of functions. 

The Wine Talk app focuses on four main functions: scan, share, social and shop. The app comes with a built-in scanner that allows users to scan the label of a wine they enjoy and instantly get all the information available; including ratings, price and availability. Should the wine image not be listed, app users can add the image and eventually create a database of every wine available. The social aspect of the app will allow users to communicate with others and share their favourite wines, get opinions, food pairings, provide tasting notes, compare palates and simply discuss anything and everything about all alcohol beverages. 

With a sophisticated platform and technology, the app features a cellar that captures your wine drinking preference and builds a taste profile based on how well you’ve rated wines in the database. With rated 3 stars and above and the ones you mark as a favorite, data is captured to create an easy-to-read wine profile that will help you understand your personal wine drinking style. This will act as a guide to help you pick out wines and eliminate confusion or difficulties that many wine drinkers face when it comes to purchasing wine in a store. 

If you’ve found something you like, the Wine Talk app is connected to the web store and will allow you to make quick and easy purchases while enjoying all the same benefits of the webpage with a few extras. Users across Malaysia (East Malaysia included) can place their orders with a few taps for doorstep delivery while those within Klang Valley can enjoy extra fast delivery using the 3 hour or same day delivery service. This is especially great for users who want a good bottle of liquid happiness minus the hassle to obtain it.