Korean Black Raspberry Wine: Bokbunja-Um

bottle of korean black raspberry wine bokbunja

And the Korean fever has also invaded fruit wines! If you like sweet, fruity wines or liquor in general, this one will be great for you. I also heard that this kind of wine has additional health benefits, including healthy skin. Is this one of the secrets that give Koreans healthy, glowing skin? I gotta try and find out more!

Bokbunja is the name of the raspberry that belongs to rosaceae family. The Bokbunja-Um is a luscious fruit wine with a rich aroma of natural freshness and a burst of ripe raspberry flavours. It is made from Korean black raspberries from the city of Gochang, located in North Jeolla province, famous for Bokbunja that ripen in the month of June. Aside from making Bokbunja, these black raspberries are also used to make juice, jams, jellies and sweets.

This wine comes in a deep brown glass bottle with a screw cap, making it easy to open without using a bottle opener. The bottle’s label is silkscreened with a Korean artist painting, including the floral motifs.

wine bottle from korea with flowers
Beautiful floral motifs on the bottle

bottle of wine with free glass and red box
Limited edition 2-bottle set with a Free Italian glass

Bokbunja-Um Korean Black Raspberry Wine
Country of Origin: Korea
Fruit: 100% Korean Black Raspberry
Alcohol Level: 12%
Bottle size: 375ml
Price: RM52.90 per bottle / RM92.90 per set with FREE glass
No artificial flavours
No preservatives, no sulfites
No colouring
Best served chilled. Keep refrigerated after opening.

It is currently available in limited edition 2-bottle gift set that includes a free glass.

korean wine bokbunja um with glass

What are the other ways you can serve this Korean wine?
This is fun! If you are the adventurous type or someone who enjoys experimenting with your drinks, instead of drinking it directly, you can serve it as a mixer blend with vodka, crushed ice and soda.

And I’m sure you’ve heard or read about the health benefits of wine. This Korean wine is not an exception:

  1. The Bokbunja-Um is rich in antioxidants
  2. It promotes healthy skin
  3. It is high in vitamins C & E and Anthocyanins
  4. It relieves frequent urination
  5. It contains anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects
  6. It prevents thrombus or blood clot and hardening of arteries
  7. It revitalizes kidney and liver

Food pairing / drink mix suggestions:
  • Chocolate cheesecake
  • Japanese food
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Raspberry sorbet
  • Lemon Twist
  • Mojito mixer
  • Black Sangria

bokbunja red wine in glass

bokbunja wine inside italian glass

The color of the wine itself is crimson red, reminds me of Shiraz or Merlot. It has a sweet aroma, coming from the black raspberries flavours. On the palate, it has light tannins and sweet fruity taste, somewhat "berry-ful" haha! It definitely goes well with desserts, like yummy ice cream topped with cherry and chocolate cake! Yum!

korean bokbunja wine goes with chocolate cake
Recommended to enjoy with chocolate cake!

food pairing with korean bokbunja wine
Even delicious ice cream with my favorite cherry topping!

Whether you’d want to have a good drink to enjoy with desserts or liquor that comes with health benefits, this is a good fruit wine to try. I’m particularly interested with its benefits on the skin and prevention of blood clot.  

You can find the Bokbunja-Um black raspberry wine at AEON outlets, Chinese Medical Hall in Klang Valley and wine shops (The Winery SS2, Denise TTDI).

bokbunja um korean wine bottle

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